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About Anzzio Filtration

For the past few years, under dedication to develop "Perfect Filtration", "Finest Quality" and "100% Customer Satisfaction", we have grown from strength in tandem with our accelerating growth in business and has established ourself as one of the most dynamic and aggressive companies.

We have consistently strived to create and maintain a cutting edge lead over the others. To achieve this important lead, we market only top quality products and at everyday low prices. We are a single source supplier for filtration and water quality improvement products for residential, commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical, hospital applications.


Electroplating Industry

Mainly used in electroplating industry, water treatment and other related areas of ...

Optical Industry

It is mainly used in glasses, optical instruments such as optical field ...


It is mainly used in oil and gas water filtration, purification

Food & Beverage

Mainly used in alcoholic beverage sterilization and water filtration system, liquid, gas filter ...

Water treatment

Are mainly used in all kinds of water pollution, water purification ...

Microelectronics Industry

Mainly used in semiconductor chips, flat panel displays and other microelectronic ...

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